Hand Painted Kitchens from Brushstrokes

Furniture, kitchens and fireplaces all deteriorate somewhat over time. However, although the quality of the exterior may diminish slightly, their functionality usually remains intact. For this reason, the option of hand painting or spray painting items is a far more cost effective and sensible option than purchasing a new kitchen or fireplace. Choosing Brushstrokes as your painters and decorators will enable you to completely rejuvenate and revitalise your home. Change the colour scheme completely or bring your kitchen back to its original state, the choice is yours.

Specialists in Hand Painted Kitchens Throughout Cork

In recent years we have seen a great increase in demand for our hand painted and spray painted kitchens in Cork. The quality of our work, and materials used, has resulted in a growing client base, many of whom are referrals from previous clients. Our painters enjoy the challenge of bringing something old and faded back to life, and are creative and inventive with regard to colour and space. We are delighted to collaborate with our clients to ensure that your requirements and expectations are met.

Our spray painting and hand painting expertise is not just limited to kitchens. Our painters are also skilled at regenerating old house furniture and cabinets, to leave your entire home looking like new. Our Cork based service enables us to bring new breath into your entire home, and enables you to save thousands of euro.

Discuss Hand and Spray Painted Kitchens with Our Exceptional Team

Changing the entire colour of your kitchen can be a big decision. It is worth taking some time to research what colours will look best in the available space. Our painters are happy to help and offer advice with regard to any aspect of painting and decorating your home. We can provide you with all the information you need regarding hand or spray painted kitchens in Cork.